Anal Bleaching Service

What is anal bleaching?

Well, the first thing you need to know about Anal Bleaching is that it is REAL!

Origins and Growth

Originally, anal and vaginal lightening was used by adult film stars, dancers, models and others on the forefront of the waxing trend who were “exposed” and wanted to enhance the appearance of their intimate areas. However, they had to go to special salons and use harsh chemicals that could have potentially harmful side effects. As the popularity of bikini waxing grew, more people began noticing that their genital areas were darker than normal. It became a genuine concern from women in general. Also the demand for a safe product grew.

intimate bleaching and anal bleaching
Intimate bleaching and anal bleaching for women

What Causes Discoloration of the Genitals?

Discoloration of the anal, vaginal and other intimate areas can be caused by aging, hormonal changes from pregnancy and more. As more people discover bikini waxing (especially the ultra-revealing Brazilian), the more they need to pay attention to how they look once the hair is removed. Anal bleaching is becoming increasingly popular because it can help diminish the appearance of dark, unsightly discoloration or pigmentation.

Innovative Safer Products

There are many general skin lightening products on the market. But most of these are not made for use on the anus or genitals and can cause severe burning and other side effects. Never use products with chemicals such as Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid for anal bleaching. Make sure anything you use is all natural and has no side effects.

At Viva Brazil we use only a all natural take home product. The product do not contain any hydroquinone, kojic acid or other harsh chemicals that can burn, irritate or cause side effects. We do the first application for you and educate you how to apply and use the kit. Ask hour esthetician about our lightening skin services and products.