Male Body Waxing

Our services include: Man Brazilian, Speedo (bikini), Back, Chest & Abs and Full Body Waxing.  Viva Brazil also offer eyebrow wax for man.

Viva Brazil is number one salon for Male body  waxing in San Diego. Our staff is highly experienced in Man Brazilian Wax and Full Body Waxing. For body waxing for men we used our custom made stripless hypoallergenic hard wax.

Viva Brazil, the expert in Man’Zilian and full body waxing

For the best results, the hair has to be at least 1/4 inch long (about 10-14 days of hair growth). For more details check the Faqs sections or the Men’s Lounge page at the bottom of our website.  Forget about all YouTube videos and movies, it doesn’t happen at Viva Brazil!  To know more about male body waxing read our blog.

Ask your esthetician about waxing services for Him.  Our low temperature wax for Cire Pro USA and our unique technique will make your waxing experience painless and enjoyable.

Our new hypoallergenic wax is low temperature, stripless and used for male body waxing services.  This wax is designed for men waxing services and for better comfort.

Viva Brazil introduced the full body waxing with hard wax and South Beach techniques to San Diego in 2008.  Always repeated but never imitated…

Try our VB Skin depilatory wax for better comfort.  The VB Skin wax is a new generation stripless Hypoallergenic – Vegan low temperature depilatory wax.   A Man’Zilian with the hypoallergenic wax is $80. For accurate prices go to our online booking system.

To know more about back waxing, we recommend this article from imanscape.

Full Body Waxing for Him

Everything is getting waxed for $340.


BBB (butt balls Back) $210

BAC (Back Abs & Chest) $175

Body Waxing for Him

Man’Zilian (Brazilian Wax for Man) $80  Speedo $72

Booty Smooth / Booty Crack $58 / $44

Full Back & Shoulders $70  Shoulders with hard wax $41  Shoulders $29

Chest & Abs $79   Abs $44 / Chest $47

Underarms $22

Legs-full / Legs-half $77 / $57

Arms-full / Arms-half $71 / $52

Patch $17-27

Hands / Feet $22

Face Waxing

Brows $22

Ears / Nose / Neck $17

Face / Beards $65

Side of Face $32

full body waxing for man
Full Body Waxing for Man