Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions & after care tips

Will waxing hurt?

That depends. The first time is always a bit uncomfortable, but we will prepare you, take you through the process, explain why we do what we do, where and how, and make you feel at ease. Our clients always say the second time is a breeze. For those worries about pain, we sell a numbing cream but most clients say they do not need it.

Why is your wax better?

We use only Hard Wax for intimate waxing. Our depilatory wax are customs made and imported exclusively for us by Cire Pro USA, our private label company.

A lot of people say they do “Brazilian” Waxing. What makes you guys different?

Many salons use soft wax, (the kind you use on your upper lip which is usually done with a strip of cloth or paper). Soft wax (with the strip) takes away more layers of the skin no matter how gentle the waxing technique. This is what causes bumps, burns and marks. Our hypoallergenic stripless wax takes away less skin, and has a very low temperature. Our technique, combines age-old Brazilian secrets with the latest trends from South Beach as well as our own knowledge and experience (heck, we’ve been at this for over ten years).

The results are less pain and discomfort for our clients as well as leaving the skin intact, trauma-free, smooth and supple.

Is your facility clean?

We come from a background where we worked in hospitals and research labs. Maintaining sanitary conditions is an absolute must at Viva Brazil!. We use only sanitary equipment and enforce a strict disinfection/ sterilization policy.

How long do you have to wait between treatments?

You should wait between 4-6 weeks between treatments ideally, but time varies based on the individual’s hair growth.

Can I wax when I’m pregnant?

Absolutely. We know there’s a point where it’s hard to see over your belly button, making shaving a bit difficult. Pregnant women come in all the time sometimes up until the last happy moment!

What if I am embarrassed?

We were too when we first started waxing, but PAHHLLEEASSE, by now we have seen it all.

Is there anything I need to do/bring before I come in?

Make sure you are clean and avoid drinking caffeine right before as it stimulates the nervous system.

Important Aftercare Acknowledgments

After waxing, your skin is more sensitive and can be prone to irritation.

At Viva Brazil!, we advise you to:

Gently wash the waxed area with an antibacterial soap
Hold off on taking hot baths (for at least 2 hours)
Avoid ultra-violet rays from tanning beds and sunbathing (for at least 48 hours)
Resist the sauna and steam room (for at least 48 hours)
Working out or excessive sweating (for at least 24 hours)
Abstain from use of any products containing acid, i.e. alpha-hydroxy, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, etc. (for at least 48 hours).

Ingrown Hair Prevention Tips – Outgrow Your Ingrown Fears!

After waxing many clients panic about the possibility of ingrown hairs. For this common concern, Viva Brazil! recommends exfoliation! (But please wait at least 24 hours before you begin your exfoliating regime!).  Use our VB Skin Total Wash and Body Scrub with scrubby gloves to prevent and eliminate ingrown hair.  Our VB Skin Ingrown Hair Serum is a unique, elegant pump vial formulated for ingrown hair, and razor burn designed for the best results. These products are available at our location or online store.

Surely, if you’ve read this far, you know that Viva Brazil! only wants to make you happy and we take all precautions and do everything to make your waxing experience an enjoyable one. We want our clients to know what others in our field may try to hide or deny…

We love doing our part so that you are happily hair-free, but we also strongly encourage that you love yourself as much as we do.
Please do not wax if you have any of the following conditions: diabetes, varicose veins, phlebitis, recent scar tissue, acne, sunburned skin, moles, or any other dermatological ailments.
Also if you are using any of the following medicines or products (which make your skin ultra-sensitive), we recommend not waxing: Retin-A, Accutane, Tetracycline, Glycolic Acid, and Alpha Hydroxy products; if using Retin-A, Glycolic Acids or Accutane, please stop the use 72 hours prior to waxing (Accutane for 3 months).