Men Full Body Waxing

Man Body Waxing

Male Full Body Waxing San Diego

Man Body Waxing is not a beauty regimen just for women anymore. Male clients can also enjoy the advantages of this hair removal method as well. Men can get their hair removed and have a smooth allure for longer period of time by eliminating coarse hair. A smooth look or hair-free body is a more pleasing appearance to their partners and also increase hygiene and comfort in warm climate. Due to the different physiological nature of the male body and hair type, a Male Body waxing procedure require more experience and training as male body hair is thicker and coarser.
Be sure that the waxing salon has experience in male waxing. The wax used for men body waxing is very important. Hard wax is the best product for men hair removal. Film wax will do the job, but hard wax has lower temperature and better depilatory results. Soft wax can be used for large body part like legs, arms and back.

Here are some the tips men should look at before taking an appointment at a waxing studio. First do your research, ask if the waxing salon does men waxing. Look at the services they are providing. If they do only back waxing for men, it may not be the place to go. Look for hard wax as a product, and Full Body Waxing services. If the salon does Full Body Wax in his menu, it shoes that the salon has experience in male waxing and grooming. Don’t hesitate to call, ask questions.

At Viva Brazil, clients can book online for total privacy. If you are going for a wax, do not shave at least two to three weeks in advance so you hair will be longer enough. Hair should be about a quarter of an inch long for best results.

Your aesthetician first will apply the wax to a small area of your skin to test it your skin reaction. This will prevent you to have an allergic reaction over a large area of your body. If you don’t have any reaction to the product, you should be fine to carry on with the waxing procedure. Discuss with your esthetician about your skin type and any allergies. Different people have different skin types and their skin reacts different as well to different applications or products.

Try taking some painkillers at least an hour before the procedure to make the experience of male body waxing a less painful one but you don’t really need anything. Forget about movies and bad YouTube videos, your waxing experience should be painless and comfortable. You can watch a client testimonial about his waxing experience at Viva Brazil.

Don’t ever use chemical products on the area after hair removal as this will react with the delicate skin pores of the area causing inflammation and other skin issues.

Avoid sun exposure and hard work out for at least 24 hours after your visit as your skin is more prone to sunburn. And use sunscreen whenever you go outside post the procedure.

Wear loose clothing after taking the procedure as your skin will be much sensitive and you will experience discomfort with tight clothes rubbing against the skin. As men’s hair is usually thick and as it is removed against the direction of growth there are chances of getting bumps, ingrown hair. While regularly exfoliating buy using glove and or serum for ingrown hair by VB Skin and moisturizing definitely helps in soothing the skin.

The days of a hairy back are gone and smooth skin is in style. Man waxing in San Diego is a growing trend adopted by majority of men’s around the place. Since it’s hard to reach that hair free result by shaving, Viva Brazil can help keep the hair away for four to six weeks with more long lasting effects.


Viva Brazil has two locations in the San Diego area. One in Pacific Beach and the other one in the Gaslamp downtown San Diego. Viva Brazil introduced the hard wax South Beach way of waxing to San Diego in 2008. Viva Brazil is specialized in Brazilian and Full Body Waxing for Men and Women. Viva Brazil is using only Cire Pro USA depilatory waxes. These depilatory waxes are customs made for the United States market and imported and distributed by Viva Brazil only.
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