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While surfing waxing blogs I came across the question: “Should a man groom his underarms?” And I have to respond.  Yes, a man should groom his underarms!

Man Grooming

The unfair double standard that women must be smooth and sweet smelling while men can stay rough and pungent is out-dated.  Yes, men used to be out working all day and wanted to come home to their soft and lace-clad stay-at-home wives.  In 1969 only one third of the labor force was women.  But in a survey of families in 2009, over 60% of families had working moms and over 40% had mom as the breadwinner for the family. Times have changed.  A smooth hairless body is a growing trend, and Viva Brazil specializes in men’s Brazilian waxing (which we call a “manzilian”) and full body waxing.

An underarm wax is a quick grooming that can change a man’s life and it is a great introduction to waxing!  Let’s look at a few reasons for men out there to consider removing their underarm hair: smell, hygiene, deodorant and clothing care.  Men with shaved armpits smell better, and if you don’t believe me check out this study!  Removing hair can help hygiene by decreasing the amount you sweat since hair traps in heat, and we sweat when we exercise, are over-heated, or feel stressed.  Also removing hair allows deodorant to coat your armpit easily without excess deodorant rubbing off the stick and clumping on your armpit hair, which will minimize the deodorant leaving stains on your clothing!
If you’re sold on grooming your underarms, consider waxing them at Viva Brazil.  Your specially trained esthetician follows a set procedure to maximize your comfort and get you the best results.  Wearing gloves, your esthetician will clean the armpit area to prep the skin and hair.  Your esthetician is trained in how to best arrange the hair so that it can be removed quickly and easily.  The esthetician will apply baby powder to your underarm as a barrier between the warm hard wax and your skin, then use an applicator to place our top quality hard wax to your underarm and as the wax cools it hardens, suctioning to the hair.  It only takes a few seconds for the wax to harden, making the whole process very quick as your esthetician removes the wax and hair together.  No strips, no wax residue, and no hair!
A short ten minute wax leaves you smooth and hair-free for 3-4 weeks, and we recommend you repeat the procedure every 4-6 weeks.  Check out our blog post about the advantages and disadvantages of waxing.  Also keep in mind… waxing will help conserve water.  Look for our future blog posts about how waxing saves water, and how we’re trying to be conservationists.

Viva Brazil is located in downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp quarter.  Viva Brazil uses only custom made products manufactured in France by Cire France.  Viva Brazil staff is highly trained, and our specialties are Brazilian and Manzilian waxing and full body waxing for men and women, we introduced full body waxing and male Brazilian waxing with hard wax to San Diego.  More than a quarter of Viva Brazil clients are men, and the trend is growing! Viva Brazil is the way waxing should be.™

About Viva Brazil SD: Viva Brazil is a waxing salon that offers the most advanced waxing techniques performed by the most professional and experienced therapists.

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